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Looking for the results feed for the latest 2018 ANBC National Show in Penrith? Please see here: National 2018 - Live Results Feed

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Hi All,

Just back home from Hobart for National 2016! I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you all very much for all the great comments and interaction over the weekend (both here on this website as well as our new page this year) - your thanks are very much appreciated.   I'd also like to thank the following group of people for their contributions to this site over the weekend - without their contributions none of this would have been possible as it is a real team effort:

  • The entire Budgerigar Council of Tasmania organising committee including in particular Judy & Jim Fletcher and Catherine Charlesworth.
  • Maureen & Andrew Bourne for once again providing access to all the results you see on this site.
  • Rod Turnbull & James Bader for taking and providing all the awesome pictures you see on this site.
  • Carol Gough for turning the judges words into the text you see on each class results page.
  • Glenn McKay for assisting with social media and producing the winner sideshow presentations.

A big thanks and congratulations must of course also go out to all the exhibitors and of course the winning state Victoria!   It was a real pleasure working with the team bringing the 2016 Nationals direct to you - no matter where you are in the world!

If you would like to download the 2016 winner sideshow presentation that was shown at the venue throughout the weekend - you can download it here (PDF - 3.98 MB).

See you all again soon! :-)


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