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Title:2022 Class 13 - Clearwing 

Class #:13
Judged By:Scott Eriksen & Stephen Mow      
Cage IDExhibitor NameStatePlacingPoints
GSheppard & FlanaganVic1st14
DG & M LynchNSW2nd13
IIan & Kathy MantonNSW3rd12
JKakoschke & RiceSA4th11
TSheppard & FlanaganVic5th10
AKakoschke & RiceSA6th9
PIan & Kathy MantonNSW8th0
HSheppard & FlanaganVic9th0
QKakoschke & RiceSA10th0
EM & D GearingWA11th7
NCedric D'CostaS Qld12th6
KM & D GearingWA13th5
BNHG BudgerigarsS Qld14th4
SNHG BudgerigarsS Qld16th0
LB SchusterN&C Qld17th2
OR & V GardinerN&C Qld18th1
CL & P WalmsleyN&C Qld19th0

Judges Comments:

Usually, we have trouble with size against clear wings – you have one or the other except for this class today.  The winner owned by Sheppard & Flanagan from Victoria is marvelous budgerigar and is the best Clearwing we have ever seen.  It never moved from first placing. 

Second owned by G & M Lynch from New South Wales has enormous strength and body feather but unfortunately has no cap release.

Third owned by Ian & Kathy Manton from New South Wales and fourth owned by Kakoschke & Rice from South Wales were down in quality from the second bird.

The quality fell away from there with the usual problems of once you get size, you lose clarity in the wings.

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