These results are for the 2019 National Show in Brisbane - This content has been archived and no further comments can be added

Looking for the results feed for the latest 2023 ANBC National Show in Adelaide? Please see here: [National 2023 - Live Results Feed]

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Looking for Day 2 Results? - these can be found here.

Day 1 Judging is Complete - Results Score Sheet (PDF Format): 2019-Day1-Scoresheet.pdf

Day 1 Order of Class Judging:

Click on the links below to the results feed from Day 1 of judging:

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  1. Where is the link for the live feed?

    1. Hi Alicia, results and pictures will be posted as they come to hand.  Currently judging is under-way for the first 2 classes.   Note that there is no "video" feed.

  2. Is it being filmed as I thought I saw a photo with someone filming in the background?

    1. Hi Jeffrey - that is just the video that is being displayed here at the venue.

  3. Hello Luke, Top job as usual. Are there photos available of the Dilute class? they don't appear to be displayed with the rest of today's finished classes.

    1. Hi Jamie, we are just chasing them down now. Should be up soon!

  4. The Three Lacewings in the Photos are all placed first!

    1. Alan Kent - Thanks! We have fixed that typo.

      1. Also Albino photos have 2 x 1st an a 3rd

        1. Thanks Garry Stagg - we are fixing that typo now! (smile)

  5. Has Judging finished for the day ?

    1. Steven Moore - last 2 classes being judged now.