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These results are for the 2015 National Show in Mandurah - This content has been archived and no further comments can be added

Looking for the results feed for the latest 2023 ANBC National Show in Adelaide? Please see here: [National 2023 - Live Results Feed]

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Welcome to the home of the ANBC National Show 2015 Live Results Feed!

Internet streaming of results for the 41st annual ANBC National Budgerigar Championships Show in Mandurah (Perth), Western Australia

Judging is complete - Congratulations Victoria!

All results, judges comments and pictures now online. Show results booklet also now available.
Please use the links below (or to the left) to view all content! 

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After the success of the ANBC National Results Feed for the last six years from Burnie in 2009, Rockhampton in 2010, Canberra in 2011, Geelong in 2012, Toowoomba in 2013 and Adelaide in 2014 we are back once again in 2015 to bring you all the results direct from Mandurah in Western Australia!

On this site we have provided the following on the National 2015 weekend (20th & 21st of June):

  • Class by class results as the judging is completed for each class - both Saturday & Sunday.
  • Summary of Judges comments for each class throughout the day
  • Photos of the top 3 winning birds throughout the judging
  • At the completion of judging on both the Saturday and Sunday the daily score sheets
  • At the completion of judging on the Sunday the full "National Show Results Booklet" in PDF format.

If you have any feedback or questions regarding this site and the 2015 ANBC National Results site please click here and leave your comments via this form.

Results Feed from Mandurah

Click on the links below (or use the search field) to view the feed from the two days of judging:


41th Annual ANBC Show
20th - 21st of June 2014
Western Australia

to visit the
official home page of the
41th Annual Show
for all the latest information!


Archived Result Sites - 2009 to 2014

Check out the results streaming we have done over the last six years in our archived sites:




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  1. It is great you are doing this again this year, thanks.

  2. Appreciate the work you do to get the event out to everyone. Thank you very much and look forward to seeing some great birds. Cheers


  3. Looking forward to another year of getting the National results as their judged. Thank you for providing this service.
    Good Luck everyone, looking forward to Victoria bringing the Trophy home for 2015.

  4. Thank You for providing this service again  appreciated very much , Luke

  5. Thank You for your dedication and generosity Luke and also Thanks to your TEAM !  I feel sure that there are MANY OTHER FANCIERS who eagerly await this wonderful service each year.  Margaret Bridgeman.  

  6. Grand Final time in the Budgie World.  Well done WA for your efforts to date.   Sth Qld team is looking mighty fine after yesterday's Zone Selection.  Thanks for this site as would love to be there but this is the next best thing.  May your birds fly well and your tails hang in there!!!

    regards - Gary Zerner - Secretary Toowoomba Budgie Club, Qld.

  7. Kerry Murphy,many thanks for the excellent service.Very much appreciated.

  8. Good to hear you are providing the same service again this year Luke.

  9. Looking forward to it again this year, thanks.


  10. Receiving the updates is almost as good as being there!

  11. Thank you for making it possible again to keep me informed! Although there is a long distance between my place and this year's National I can be close with my Australien friends. I look very much forward to that.

  12. Thanks so much Luke, we really look forward to seeing the national results from you each year, your hard work is appreciated. 

  13. Viewing has been fantastic in past years I am sure this years will keep us all glued to the screen again, many thanks for your great service


  14. good luck everyone go NSW

  15. Hope every one has a wonderful show, good luck to N. S. W. and all my Hills friends.

  16. Great work Luke, look forward to catching up with you and Glenn in WA

  17. Well done Luke !.......Let's go get them Victoria ! 

  18. Great work.. go sth qld.

  19. Cannot wait for this great event to start. Looking forward to working with Luke and the rest of the Admin team through the supt if photos again. Go Team National!
  20. Thank you for providing this service Cheers.


  21. look foward to seeing all the action from wa today

  22. We would like to wish everyone the best of luck & may the Budgerigar win.


  23. Good luck to all. GO VIC.

  24. Good luck all, especially the Sth Qld Team.

    1. Camelle, where are you getting the yellow face results from I cant seem to get them?

  25. Congratulations Henry.  Australia's best budgie breeder and such a wonderful person.

  26. Good Luck to everyone from the S.A. Team !!!!


  27. David Knight Tasmania I am here also enjoying the show

  28. congrats to my mates henry George bil kirstenfelt and dave Frampton all the best to everyone else GO SOUTH QUEENSLAND; 

  29. Well done Bob S, on your 3rd placing in the Normal Grey.


    George & Bev Jones

  30. WOW just  got home i am very happy with 6 th  place for my aus sfyf

  31. Congratulations to all Australian friends from Pakistan. 

      1. Say hello to all my friends over your way.

  32. Congratulations to all those who are participating and to Luke Fletcher for this outstanding work


    Carlos f ramoa, Portugal



  33. Well done Luke on a train this morning from Moscow to Saint Petersburg and could get the results all the way . Wifi on trains how good is that. Well done to the winners


  34. Good morning everyone! from sunny Queensland,

     and congrats to all winners yesterday

    good luck to all today! 

  35. good luck WA today   ! gl to mick gearing and Cec and norm Wheatley , let's show them who's boss with the WA weather were having atm !! It's absolute bucketing down near burns beach ! Can expect it to be a wet day in most places 

  36. Any results for the Dark Eye Clears

  37. A credit to all exhibitionist with quality birds and the judges judging.

    Congratulation to Victorian breeders an birds on the over all win in WA.

     All other states an breeders well dune in making the competition a challenging hobby.

    A credit to all organisers of the ANBC an helpers.  

  38. Well done Luke to you and everyone else involved in bringing the "Nationals" to the Net.

    Congratulations to all the winners and participants, also to all the organisers, judges and workers, thank you.

    Cheers, Charlie