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Looking for the results feed for the latest 2023 ANBC National Show in Adelaide? Please see here: [National 2023 - Live Results Feed]

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Welcome to the home of the ANBC National 2012 Live Results Feed!

Judging is Complete - Congratulations to the winning state this year: Victoria!

All results, judges comments, pictures, videos and the full Results Booklet now online - use the links below to browse the sites content

After the success of the ANBC National Results Feed for the last three years from Burnie in 2009, Rockhampton in 2010, and Canberra in 2011 we are back again in 2012 to bring you all the results direct from Geelong!

On this site we have provided the following on the National 2012 weekend (26th & 27th of May):

  • Class by class results as the judging is completed for each class - both Saturday & Sunday.
  • Summary of Judges comments for each class throughout the day
  • Photos of the winning birds throughout the judging
  • At the completion of judging on both the Saturday and Sunday the daily score sheets
  • At the completion of judging on the Sunday the full "National Show Results Booklet" in PDF format.

We'll also be be trailing this year a video feed via YouTube over the course of the two days - all videos will be linked from the results pages.  See the links below to access our YouTube channel!

Thanks for all the great comments! We loved hearing from you!

Page comments for this site are now closed.   If you have any feedback or questions regarding this site and the 2012 ANBC National show please click here and leave your comments via this form.


Feed from Geelong:

Click on the links below to view the feed from the two days of judging:

Video Feed -

to visit the Official home page of the 38th Annual Show for all the latest information!




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  1. Anonymous

    I am a breeder from QLD, can you let me know if you do a full report of 1st to last place in each of the events? Thanks  Darryl

    1. Hi Darryl.  Indeed we will.  See last years results for an example of what we provide over the weekend - National 2011 - Results Feed

      1. Anonymous

        BryanThe only thing I think that would beat a late summer suesnt, not sure about Rhode Island but at least in Jersey, would have to be a late October suesnt, better colors, cooler air. Just came across your site, intriguing and nice to hear from a nice simple guy.
  2. Anonymous

    Hi Luke its David Knight From Dunalley Tasmania looking forward to seeing what you have for us cheers david

  3. Anonymous

    good to see Tasmania going well (smile)

  4. Anonymous

    Tim Philpott WOOOHOOOOOOO well done Tim top effort that well deserved congrats KERR FAMILY


    1. Anonymous

      Thanks guys and a big thanks to the carers for getting him up

      cheers Tim Philpott

      PS great job Luke

  5. Anonymous

    if the bird gets aplace and then zero points, what does that mean , please?

  6. Anonymous

    Thank you very Luke Fletcher for sharing ANBC National results 2012.

    Habib Ur Rehman - Pakistan

    1. Anonymous

      Is there a Best in Show award or is it just a points system for winning there class,

      1. No best in show - just best in each class.

  7. Anonymous

    Just wondering when the booklet will be available. By the way, thanks for your devotion to this site, it is great


  8. Anonymous

    Great job Luke. Congratulations to all breeders who represented their state and great work by all the winners. Must be a fantastic proud feeling to breed a champion.


  9. Anonymous

    David Knight, thanks Luke and workers I enjoyed the two days . In answer to no points ====the first two from each state receive points so if you get 1st 2nd and 3rd the 3rd gets no points  Hope this is helpful === or 10th 11th and 12th the third bird gets no points  OK

  10. Anonymous

    Booklet contains 2011 placings!


    1. Sorry about that - that was due to an error in the PDF file generation.  We have corrected the mistake and updated the version on this site.  Download a correct copy from this page: ANBC National 2012 - Results Booklet.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

  11. Anonymous

    Great work by ALL involved. Congratulation to the winners - some great looking birds...

    Quick & honest observation from me in NZ; Great body length that seems to be being lost in other parts of the world, well presented including cage, impressed with quality of birds in the recessive pied class, some concerns though re flecking and poor show cage training. 

    My choice of class winners (from the computer screen!) were: Opaline Light Green Cock, Cinnamon Sky Blue Cock, Light Green Dominant Pied Cock & Sky Blue Cock. (in no particular order).

    Kind regards,

    Jason Walker.

    1. Anonymous


      1. Anonymous

        Flecking is a problem and does spoil the look of otherwise good birds.

    2. Anonymous

      The winning Opaline Light Green Cock in class 12 certainly looks better in the video rather than the still pic.

  12. Anonymous

    Congratulations to Victoria for winning in 2012. Also congrats to everyone who entered a bird for their state team, particularly the South Aussies. Good job.

    Vicki from S.A.

  13. Anonymous

    Great to have the addition of the you tube sections for each variety.  I notice that on the second day this was more comprehensive and included the placings from 1 to 21 after the judges comments.  Thanks so much for that. For those of us far away who would love to be there it is great to see our birds, even the ones that received a minor placing. 

    Many thanks to Luke and anyone else involved in getting the results up and available so quickly.

    Congratulations to everyone who had a bird selected to attend and represent their state.   Good luck with your breeding for an even better show next year with the new varieties being included.

  14. Anonymous

    i would like to congratulat pual from westurn subburs on his six place in ress pied class