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  • Winning Birds - Sunday

These results are for the 2011 National Show in Canberra - This content has been archived and no further comments can be added

Looking for the results feed for the latest 2019 ANBC National Show in Brisbane? Please see here: National 2019 - Live Results Feed

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Sunday - 1st, 2nd and 3rd winning birds for each class

For Saturday (Odd) Classes see here: Winning Birds - Saturday

Click on an image for larger view and slide show.

Day 2 winning bird pictures will be available online throughout the day on Sunday 29th of May

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  1. Anonymous

    Well done Luke congratulations to all the winners and those who had entries i guess Luke the next step would be live video of the judges and all the birds and just maybe set up live bidding at the auctions inter state bidders can then purchase anyway food for thought and well done


  2. Anonymous

    Well done Luke to you and your team, great pictures  of some very nice birds, also well done to all the team members from N.S.w. also great birds from other states[ maybe just a bit unlucky] a GREAT effort by All. THank you. Jeff Hinze.

  3. Anonymous

    Congrats to NSW and the team who organised the Nationals, good job, well done.

    Have a great time

    Betty Berry

  4. Anonymous

    Would like to congrates NSW Team for their grand victories.

    Regds-javed Khaanzada

    Vice President.

    Budgerigar Society of Pakistan-BSP

  5. Anonymous

    Disappointing to see the winning Recessive Pied so heavily flecked even though it's a quality bird.