These results are for the 2009 National Show in Burnie - This content has been archived and no further comments can be added

Looking for the results feed for the latest 2023 ANBC National Show in Adelaide? Please see here: [National 2023 - Live Results Feed]

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All Results & Pictures for National 2009 now Online!

Day 1 - Score Sheet Complete (PDF)

National 2009 - Picture Gallery

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  1. Anonymous

    Just one word covers this live feed and pictures Brilliant. Andre Ozoux NSW

  2. Anonymous

    what a great concept thanks again

    chris rogers

  3. Anonymous

    And the National winner is, Luke Fletcher. Congratulations.

    Peter Dodd.

  4. Anonymous

    Well Done,Peter Thurn.Robbie Mac
  5. Anonymous

    for those who could not be there you give us all the answers...

    Andrew Graham, NSW